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Pack ‘n’ Grow Moorland Multipurpose Compost


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Pack ‘n’ Grow (NEW)

Moorland Gold Multipurpose Compost

Pack ‘n’ Grow is a natural, recyclable and reusable transport solution to deliver loose products to our customers.

Our aim is to reduce the use of plastic packaging, especially for bulk purchases. And we know this is important for our customers too.

Finding a solution has been a challenge, especially maintaining similar volumes to our plastic bags.

How do they work?

Our Pack ‘n’ Grow design is a stacking system of wooden collars that build up to construct a box of various heights.  The size of each stacking collar is 1.0m x 1.2 m x 0.3m (W x L x H).

Pack ‘n’ Grow stacking collars are designed with the ability to be re-modelled easily into raised planters, compost bins, storage units or any ideas of your own.

What are they made of?

Pack ‘n’ Grow stacking collars are made from sustainable pine that has been kiln dried only. No chemicals or glues have been used in their manufacture.

If the Pack ‘n’ Grow stacking collars are reused as planters, compost bins etc. no leaching will occur as it is all natural timber.

Please note, Pack ‘n’ Grow stacking collars will last 1-2 years in their natural untreated form.

Options Available

2 collar

A box comprising of two collars, measuring 1.0m  x  1.2m  x  0.3m each (W x L x H), filled with Moorland Gold Multipurpose Compost providing approximately 1120 litres when packed.

4 collar

A box comprising of four collars, measuring 1.0m  x  1.2m  x  0.3m each (W x L x H), filled with Moorland Gold Multipurpose Compost providing approximately 2240 litres when packed.



Delivery is via a large truck with a tail lift and Pack ‘n’ Grow are delivered on a standard transport pallet.

Please be aware that Pack ‘n’ Grow can only be offloaded from the delivery truck and are not able to be moved around due to their size and weight. Adequate access and room to unload is required where the pallet can be left with no obstruction.

You will require a fork truck to move the pallet once offloaded or to empty the Pack ‘n’ Grow in situ.

(please ensure you have read the delivery & prices information section of our website before ordering).



Step by step guide on how to open and install your Pack ‘n’ Grow

  1. Cut bands (Warning: bands will be under tension)
  2. Remove lid
  3. Empty compost from top collar into suitable container/location
  4. Remove top collar (2 people recommended)
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for remaining collars



The lid can be placed between two collars as a false base/separator.


This year I purchased a bag of your Moorland Gold which I had not seen before. I will be using it from now onwards and would recommend it to anyone.

Thank you.