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About Us

Moorland Gold organic composts and top soils are produced by West Riding Organics Ltd.

We have been producing organic composts and top soils for over 20 years. These organic compost products are ideal for both professional growing and general gardening. They have also supported the reinstatement of moorlands, and helped to create sports grounds.

Moorland Gold produces specific growing mediums for most applications.

The Natural Approach to Compost

Moorland Gold products are made with added naturally occurring peat deposits.

We collect our peat deposits through water filtration. Rainfall washes peat deposits into rivers and streams, where they then collect in lakes and dams.

Our filtration system enables us to extract the peat deposits, and process it with other natural ingredients to create rich, organic compost products.

Moorland Gold organic composts are abundant in minerals and trace elements, to encourage the growth of strong and healthy plants, while reducing the requirement for additional feeding.

We add no artificial ingredients, allowing your plants and food to grow naturally.

Moorland Gold also produces top soils, which we make by blending the same naturally occurring peat deposits with river sand. Unlike recycled top soils, which can contain contaminates and brick dust, these include only natural ingredients. Our top soils are perfect for general gardening and for more specialist applications, such as root zones.

Explore Our World of Organics

Moorland Gold’s range of multi-purpose organic composts and top soils made with added naturally occurring peat deposits.

They are perfect for supporting and encouraging strong and healthy-balanced growth, helping your plants and fruits mature naturally.

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This year I purchased a bag of your Moorland Gold compost which I had not seen before. My plants have grown very strong and have flowered beter than ever. I will be using it from now onwards and would recomend it to anyone.

Thank you.