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Welcome to Moorland Gold

Why is Moorland Gold the Perfect Compost?

Moorland Gold’s products are made with added peat deposits and blended with organic nutrients, to create growing mediums with no artificial ingredients. Because our organic composts are natural, they enable plants and food to grow just as nature intended.

They are rich in minerals and trace elements, and they encourage the growth of strong and healthy plants, while reducing the need for additional feeding.

The peat deposits in our compost and topsoil products helps them retain water and air space, giving plants and food both moisture and oxygen, and providing the right environment to encourage growth.

Where Do The Natural Peat Deposits Come From?

We source particles of peat and leaf mould from lakes and dams, where they have collected, having been naturally washed into rivers and streams by rainwater.

Using a specialised water filtration system, we process these particles into a dark, fine medium.

Why Are Organic Composts the Best Choice?

Healthy soil is the foundation for growing healthy plants and food. The living organisms in soil, including fungi, worms and microscopic creatures, help to maintain its fertility and structure. If you choose an organic approach to looking after your soil, including the use of organic compost, then you are supporting its rich ecosystem.

Soil Association Approved

Our organic composts are Soil Association approved, for use in organic systems. They are good for general gardening and specialised growing.

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I would just like to let you know how pleased I am with the compost you supplied. We have used quite a few different types over the years, and I never expected to find any with the qualities of your compost. It is a joy to use. The seeds seem to like it too!

Needless to say I will be ordering again next year.

Mark Bellingham